Panera Bread:

'Sandwich Aptitude Test' Sweepstakes. Test your knowledge of Panera Bread sandwiches for a chance to win $30,000 to put towards education. Food styling for a microsite of SAT style multi-choice questions.

AGENCY: Anomaly

CLIENT: Panera Bread

CAMPAIGN: Beautifully Clean 2.0

YEAR: 2016

sorted in: food & prop styling

Panera Bread:

In 2015, Panera Bread committed to clean eating and clean food. MSG, artificial preservatives, colorings, sweeteners or flavors were removed for their dishes and replaced with clean ingredients. Anomaly partnered with Panera to create a "Beautifully Clean" campaign that ran on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Celebrating the beautiful and clean Panera ingredients by deconstructing each menu item and creating vibrant and imaginative arrangements.

  • Agency: Anomaly
  • Campaign: Beautifuly Clean
  • Creative Director: Rebecca Johnson-Pond
  • Art Director: Isaac Weeber
  • Food Stylist: Haruko Hayakawa

  • Photographer: Steve Harris
  • Producer: Marla Ulrich / Shalini Carbone
  • Account Director: Keiko Kurokawa
  • Account Executive: Christopher Hill

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