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Astoria Park:

Although widely known for its beautiful pool, the oldest and largest in the city, Astoria Park offers more than aquatic pleasures. Outdoor tennis courts, a track, a bandstand, multiple trails, basketball courts, and playgrounds lure visitors from the five boroughs and beyond. Sitting on the edge of the East River and resting between the Triborough Bridge and Hell Gate Bridge, the park offers shoreline sights and sounds that make the benches along its perimeter popular spots year-round.

The neighborhood of Astoria Park inspired the overall branding. Taking the predominately Greek neighborhood into consideration, branding and patterning were inspired by ancient greek motifs and patterns. The logo itself was inspired by the paths, walkways, and amenities of the park (pictured above) which created a capsulated line work logo.

  • Project: SVA
  • Art Direction: Paula Scher
  • 3D: Haruko Hayakawa

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